Efficiency and security by LUDWIG HOOK

All the same whether your Hebetätigkeiten take place inside or outdoors whether you use halls, Mobile or other crane and whether you use chains, Hebebänder or other poster means, the LUDWIGHOOK functions in all cases equally.

All-important, besides: striking occurs in such a way that LUDWIGHOOK and poster means in the crane hook remain. This is the condition for the fact that to leaders, Hebebühnen can be eliminated and the like really from the process and a real efficiency and security advantage originates. Make to yourselves with pleasure from this a picture in our film “Poster kinds”.
They lift loads which weigh more than 2 t? Do not deceive yourselves from the pay load of the LUDWIGHOOKs of 2 t per hook. By the use of several LUDWIGHOOKs per load you can far lift heavier loads than 2t.

Further informations on applications of our LUDWIG HOOK