About us – how it all began

Radio-controlled helpers in the forest

Since 2007, Ludwig System GmbH & Co. KG has been producing the LUDWIG CHOKER. It is based on Ludwig Giritzer’s patent, who was himself a forestry contractor in the Berchtesgaden region. Today, the product still largely corresponds to the inventor’s ideas.

Nevertheless, there have been and still are improvements over the years. Many of them are hardly or not at all visible to the user. Details have a major impact here: changes to the radius of a component or a slightly different hardening of the steel. The challenge lies in the extremely harsh conditions to which the product is exposed. Violent blows from stones, trees or other chokers, as well as constant work in dirt and snow, put enormous stress on the material. In addition, rope crane manufacturers are “upgrading” with ever more powerful winches. At the same time, the product should remain as light and handy as possible so as not to make the already very hard work of “setting chokers” even more difficult.

In addition, the radio technology has been visibly developed and improved. The radio amplifier LUDWIG REPEATER enables the opening of the chokers even from greater distances. A smaller transmitter is also available, for all those who do not want to install the transmitter permanently in the cabin.

We always give the best.

Whether it is the development of our products, their manufacture or the service for them, we ensure the highest quality in all areas. We develop all products in-house, from concept to completion, with close proximity to our customers and their needs. And thus reduce the use of purchased parts.

Our patented design protects sensitive components and reduces wear. When products are subjected to extreme stress, excellent quality is the decisive prerequisite. We use only high-quality steel alloys and special hardening processes. The robust protective coatings support the longevity of our products.


LUDWIGCHOKER in use worldwide

A reinforced version of the LUDWIG CHOKER was developed especially for foreign markets. The “big choker” weighs 2.2kg, about 400g more than the “small” one, but is much more robust. This product allowed access to many more countries and continents. The LUDWIG CHOKER can be found outside Europe in Asia (especially Japan), South America (especially Chile and Colombia) and North America (USA and Canada), but also in this country many customers work with “mixed” choker systems. The large choker is used in rather strong wood, the smaller version in weaker wood.

LUDWIGHOOK – one hook for many purposes

Since its foundation in 2008, Ludwig System GmbH & Co. KG has been continuously developed. Since the beginning of 2016, 7 employees have been working in new premises in Bad Reichenhall.With the LUDWIG HOOK, a radio-controlled load hook for construction, industry or logistics was developed in 2012. With the Hook XL, the big brother of the HOOK was presented at the BAUMA: From now on, our customers can work with payloads of 5.3 tons per hook.

We – made in Germany.

LUDWIGSYSTEM is a medium-sized, southern German company for which precision, engineering skills are the focus for our customers. The best components in each case come together in our products. 100% of the forged and cast parts are produced for us by renowned German manufacturers. In close cooperation BMK, our important production partner, realizes all milling and turning operations on site in common production halls. The radio and control elements, especially the circuit boards, are made by European manufacturers according to our plans. All assembly and service work is carried out by our own employees.

Weltweit ausgezeichnet geprüft.

Our patents ensure the uniqueness of our products. The safety is guaranteed by the approvals and certifications.

We have all our products tested by TÜV SÜD

  • Mechanical strength
  • Electronic security
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Approved radio communication (radio approval)
  • From Upper Bavaria to the whole world.

    Our products are used internationally:

    In Europe: UK, Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland

    In North America: USA, Canada

    In South America: Chile, Argentina, Colombia

    In Asia: Japan, South Korea

  • In Europe

    • CE marking for all our products
    • RED directive included
  • In the USA / international

    • General: UL
    • Electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility: IEC
    • Strength: ASM
    • Radio: FCC
  • In Australia

    • Radio: ISED
  • In Canada

    • Radio: ISED


We make lifting processes safe and efficient.

We want to support our customers in the daily requirements around lifting, setting down and releasing loads. To do this, we eliminate dangerous and time-consuming manual steps with special radio-controlled load hooks. For more safety and more time for other challenges.

We love ideas that move customers forward.

The challenges our customers face in their lifting activities are what drive us. We are passionate about developing suitable products, which we also manufacture ourselves. Whether specialized niche products, customer-specific solutions or special solutions, we deliver ideas and implementations that give our customers the decisive advantage. In the field of “positioning loads” we offer unique radio-controlled combinations for efficient lifting, balancing and releasing.

Useful and future-proof.
We are constantly expanding digitalized processes – “smart lifting”. This means that evaluations, remote diagnostics and service, such as software updates and troubleshooting, are possible flexibly from the place of use.

We sell our products directly to our customers wherever possible in order to guarantee the best possible service and advice. Ask us.

We think ahead.

We take sustained care of our products. With regular inspection appointments, we ensure that they can be used perfectly. And if something does stop working, we prefer to repair it instead of throwing it away and replacing it immediately. We dispose of old products and recycle them as comprehensively as possible.

And our own photovoltaic system supplies much of the energy we need. Thinking and acting for the long term is an important principle in our development and manufacturing process. We also work with our key suppliers and sales partners on this basis. Reliability and safety also far exceed the required standards in our planning, manufacturing and training. Good for our customers, and our environment.

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