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Unhooking loads by hand is a time-consuming and often even dangerous activity. This is exactly where our radio-controlled load hooks come in: if an employee normally has to approach the load and unhook it by hand, our products make it possible to unhook it from a safe distance: just press a button on the remote control and the hook swings open.
For this purpose, we have developed our radio-controlled load hooks: the LUDWIGCHOKER especially for forestry and the LUDWIGHOOK for a wide range of applications from timber construction to steel and concrete construction, from truck and container loading to in-plant lifting processes and many other areas.
While safety measures generally make work processes slower and more costly, the opposite is the case with our hooks: they increase safety and at the same time increase efficiency.
Loading roof elementsWood constructionUse of 4 LudwigHooks 2T
to attach ceiling and roof
and roof elements onto interchangeable
undercarriages for the
transport to the construction site.
Settling of concrete elementsConstruction & LogisticsIt is not only when working at height that the
Ludwig Hook can shine.
Working at height is also possible.
Ludwig Choker in action on the
rope crane device
ForestryWorking with the Ludwig Choker on a
TST rope crane on a steep slope.
Setting walls and
Roof elements
Construction & LogisticsThe Ludwig lifting beam is a special lifting beam
for load balancing.
It is extremely useful...

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We use the Ludwig system for 4 cable crane installations on steep slopes. We are very satisfied with the technology and reliability of the system. It significantly increases the productivity of the rope crane systems.

We like to use the automatic remote hook as a labor-saving assembly tool and thus save valuable assembly time. This can greatly reduce weather risks but also safety risks for employees.

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