We always give our best.

Whether it is the development of our products, their manufacture or the service for them, we ensure the highest quality in all areas. We develop all products in-house, from concept to completion, with close proximity to our customers and their needs. And thus reduce the use of purchased parts.

Our patented design protects sensitive components and reduces wear. When products are subjected to extreme stress, excellent quality is the decisive prerequisite. We use only high-quality steel alloys and special hardening processes. The robust protective coatings support the longevity of our products.

We – made in Germany.

LudwigSystem is a medium-sized, southern German company for which precision, engineering skills are the focus for our customers. The best components in each case come together in our products. 100% of the forged and cast parts are produced for us by renowned German manufacturers. In close cooperation BMK, our important production partner, realizes all milling and turning operations on site in common production halls. The radio and control elements, especially the circuit boards, are made by European manufacturers according to our plans. All assembly and service work is carried out by our own employees.

Internationally certified as outstanding.
Our patents secure the uniqueness of our products. The approvals and certifications guarantee safety.

All our products are tested by TÜV SÜD for

  • Mechanical strength
  • Electronic safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Approved radio communication (radio approval)

From Upper Bavaria to the whole world.
Our products are used internationally:

In Europe: UK, Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland

In North America: USA, Canada

In South America: Chile, Argentina, Colombia

In Asien: Japan, South Korea

In Europe

  • CE mark for all our products
  • Including RED directive

In USA / international

  • General: UL
  • Electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility: IEC
  • Strength: ASM
  • Radio: FCC

In Canada

  • Radio: ISED

In Australia

  • Radio: