We make lifting processes safe and efficient

Our aim is to support our clients in their daily requirements with regard to lifting, placing, and releasing loads.

We eliminate dangerous and time-consuming manual activities by the use of special radio-controlled load hooks. For more safety and to allow more time for other challenges.

We love ideas that help our clients to progress.

Our impetus is the challenge that our clients face when carrying out lifting activities. We develop ideal products, passionately, and then manufacture them ourselves. Whether it be specialized niche products, client-specific solutions or special solutions – we generate ideas and implementation methods that give our clients the competitive edge. In the field of “Load Positioning” we offer unique radio-controlled combinations for efficient lifting, balancing and releasing.

Useful and future-proof.
Digitalized processes – “Smart Lifting” – are consistently being developed in-house. This may involve flexible evaluations, remote diagnoses and remote service, software updates and troubleshooting from the site of deployment.

Wherever possible, we sell our products directly to our clients in order to guarantee the best-possible service and appropriate consultation.

Ask us a question.

We think ahead.

We provide sustainable support for our products. Regular inspection appointments ensure that they are always in good order and ready for use. And should something stop working, we like to repair it, rather than throwing it away and replacing it immediately. We dispose of old products and recycle them as far as possible.

And our own photovoltaic installation provides a large proportion of the energy that we need. Long-term thinking and acting is an important principle of our development and manufacturing process. We also apply this principle to our collaboration with our important suppliers and sales and marketing partners. We also far exceed the required standards, reliably and safely, in our planning, manufacturing and training departments. Good for our clients and our environment.