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Setting down of concrete elements

The LUDWIG HOOK not only shines when working at height. Working in civil engineering also harbors dangers, especially if the subsoil is unstable. Releasing the sewer elements from a safe distance saves having to climb down into the pit. This saves time and promotes safety.

Loading steel bundles onto trucks

Steel from the Berchtesgadener Land, our home. Annahütte is one of the largest employers in the region and a steel mill internationally renowned for its bar and threaded steel. The steel packages are set down in the truck with a massive crossbeam in C-shape. LUDWIG HOOKs on the spreader beam make it possible to release […]

Setting walls and roof elements

The Ludwig spreader bar is a special spreader bar for load balancing. It is extremely useful when the attachment of the load to the anchor points leads to an oblique alignment of the load, i.e. the anchor points do not properly account for the center of gravity of the load. The video shows how the […]

Placing steel components in recycling containers

Our customer Benedetti Guelpa uses the LUDWIG HOOKs to suspend cut out steel plates in a recycling container on a truck. Take a look at these plates and you will understand why the customer was so keen to find a solution to solve them without the need for someone to climb into the container to […]

Putting profile packages on trucks

Packages of aluminum profiles are placed on trucks with a telescopic handler. The packages are tied so that they do not slip during the lifting process. After setting down, the Ludwig Hooks are opened by remote control, releasing the load. When the crane arm is lifted, the lifting strap unthreads so that both lifting strap […]

Placing electricity poles on the roadside

Our customer Vinci Energies uses our LUDWIG HOOK XL (5.3t payload) to place utility poles at the roadside. Usually, a lifting platform has to be provided to release the load after the lifting process. Thanks to the use of our LUDWIG HOOK, the load can be unhooked at the push of a button.

Placing containers on truck

The company de Meeuw is a Dutch manufacturer of flexible construction elements in container design. Before the use of Ludwig Hooks, an employee had to climb onto the container roof to loosen the chains during every loading operation. This time-consuming and dangerous activity is eliminated by using 4 Ludwig Hooks.

Placing precast concrete elements in the danger zone

In 2019, a huge avalanche of debris covered the only road leading from Andorra to Spain. Fortunately, no one was injured. The local construction company faces the challenging task of building an avalanche barrier in the middle of the still unstable terrain. In a first step, precast concrete elements were placed. It goes without saying […]